Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The clouds had something
Else on their mind
Passed over my head
But never entwined
I longed for them
With eyes so parched
They drenched my throat
 A rainbow  never arched
The plants all green
Waited with plume
Another day passed
And ended in gloom
A thunder I heard
Or a roar perhaps
Tah..said I
Tell the thought to collapse
They aint so generous
Just like a whiff
Or a hint of  a droplet
Don’t dare to sniff
Relax said the mind
And concentrate
 The lecture at hand
Don’t contemplate
But the drop became a patter
Incessant rain
I felt like a feather
But smiling again
So it thundered and roared
A darkened sky
Bolts of lightening
Breath soared all high
Splatter..oh pitter patter
Washed greens and bent with force

Pitter patter…oh splatter

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lots was on my mind

Lots was on my mind
Oh don't ask me
I won't go on a rewind
Got lost in humdrum
Of silly daily grind
Till I got shaken
Rattled from supine
Let it not happen
Was only on my mind
Another dusk and another dawn
Couldn't have been better timed
No more ignorant
And no more blind
Forget it I say
look ahead and not behind

Friday, 11 July 2014


I seem to carry
A lot of weight
The words
are weighty
my plate is heavy
And my mind
Is bogged 
With heavy thoughts

My tread is heavy
The feet sink
For the weight they carry
And then I mull
With a heavy heart

How to shed
The weight that I carry
Lose my thought
And my sleep
For this will complete
The heavy loadshedding

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Just a little...

just a little...
of more time
more fun and of more sun

a little again of Me
of my wishes
more stars and some more of dreams
a little more flow
of words
more intents and more passions

a little more of you
of your sight
your thoughts and of your mind

and a little more is all I ask...

Friday, 20 June 2014

a time

a time to kill
a time to thrill
a time to ponder
a time to look yonder
a time to write
or a time to be right
i look for a time
to call it mine
a time to exclude
a time to include
a time that I dictate
a time to precipitate
that I can capture
a time to premediate
the events I want
a time to follow
not a time to wallow
but I look for a time
a time that is mine
a time to shred
all that is dead
a time to kill
and a time to thrill.... 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Each morning is a promise of something

An evening  a wishful thinking
I look out with an anticipation
Of what is about to come my way

I walk in crowd but my thoughts are alone
Propelling persuading yearning to grow
I seek and ask and enquire around
Or perhaps I have it already and am second to none

The moments of past outweigh the future
Yet my step is sure and ensconced
I tread, no dread  comes to me
For I am the shaper of my destiny

The words are profound yet they humble
For each step must not flounder
So fly I must just to try

Another morning with a promise of something

Friday, 25 April 2014

Does love know you ?

Does love know you ?
You know love?
Love knows me
And knows me well enough
I come unadulterated
It flows
In me
Out of me
All around me
I am soaked in it
No conditions
Of any kind
None whatsoever
You make it conditional
Making it restricted
To just let it be
For then it will
Flow and spread
All around
You and your existence
You could
Let it come to you
Just like that
Without restricting it
With conditions
On its own
It would be beautiful then
Simple n truthful
Free flowing
Soaking you as well
Let then
Love know you....

Friday, 28 March 2014

Days months years

Days months years
Have befriended me
Never realised time would garnish
My thoughts opinions or wants
Or I would get the power
To live life as I wanted
To chose the paths I tread
Or to do as I pleased
Seasons have smoothened
Rough edges
Thermodynamics of a different kind
To make me least resistant
To winds of the world
Society or norms
When and how did it happen
To the girl that I was
Gawky and in awe
Of everyone that I came across
Where and what was gained
What treasures did I stumble across
Who taught me
Who understood me
Who accepted...
Where and when. ..
I shall leave
All these questions aside
They don't matter
Not anymore
Happy is not the world
I am at peace
With myself
With whatsoever I have come to be

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Take some steps

take some steps together
shall we

to explore the mysteries

to test some expectations
of life

some answers to be looked for
the questions that arise

scratch the surfaces
covered with time

walk with me..some steps together...

Friday, 14 March 2014


You have a day
Like one as this
To get the greetings
Of ''happiness forever''
I too accept'em
The generosity 
Of the giver
How to express
I need not
Just a single day
All days are mine
You are mine
Very much so

I've the privilege
To make you
Or not make you
You are even made
You cant want
You are not
Allowed to want
A son only
You have to want
A daughter too
After all
What are you
There is no you
Without me

Rejoice in me
With me
Not for me
On this women's day
For I want not
Just a day
I want a life instead 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I am what I am.

I am what I am..
I would not be me
if life was not like this
if it had not happened
if I had not ....

if I had not taken
If you had not said
if I had n't met
if I hadn't struggled
or if I hadn't suffered

But then it did happen
I did hear
n felt n said
n looked
n cherished
n experienced...

so I am what I am

Thursday, 20 February 2014

to be...

to be wanted is ok
to want is something else
to be looked at is one thing
to gaze is a pleasure of a different kind
to be spoken to is lovely
to speak to your heart's content is divine
to be understood is acknowledgement
to know all is an awareness
to be touched is a pleasure
to touch is an exploration
to be loved is alright
to love is something else......

Friday, 10 January 2014

allow me

allow me to be an ostrich 
digging my head in and shutting out the world

allow me to be pigeon headed
closing my eyes and pretending you don't exist

allow me to be dog tailed
forever showing my love wag to you

allow me anything 
that facilitates me for you

allow me the catty MEeow
to mark my place..allow me...