Wednesday 8 October 2014


The clouds had something
Else on their mind
Passed over my head
But never entwined
I longed for them
With eyes so parched
They drenched my throat
 A rainbow  never arched
The plants all green
Waited with plume
Another day passed
And ended in gloom
A thunder I heard
Or a roar perhaps
Tah..said I
Tell the thought to collapse
They aint so generous
Just like a whiff
Or a hint of  a droplet
Don’t dare to sniff
Relax said the mind
And concentrate
 The lecture at hand
Don’t contemplate
But the drop became a patter
Incessant rain
I felt like a feather
But smiling again
So it thundered and roared
A darkened sky
Bolts of lightening
Breath soared all high
Splatter..oh pitter patter
Washed greens and bent with force

Pitter patter…oh splatter

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