Friday, 28 March 2014

Days months years

Days months years
Have befriended me
Never realised time would garnish
My thoughts opinions or wants
Or I would get the power
To live life as I wanted
To chose the paths I tread
Or to do as I pleased
Seasons have smoothened
Rough edges
Thermodynamics of a different kind
To make me least resistant
To winds of the world
Society or norms
When and how did it happen
To the girl that I was
Gawky and in awe
Of everyone that I came across
Where and what was gained
What treasures did I stumble across
Who taught me
Who understood me
Who accepted...
Where and when. ..
I shall leave
All these questions aside
They don't matter
Not anymore
Happy is not the world
I am at peace
With myself
With whatsoever I have come to be

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