Tuesday 22 November 2016

It was a Road trip

It was a Road trip to North East for an extreme cleansing experience. Nature has no ally and it stands in proud magnificence. Many thoughts and revelations...and mine alone.. :)
a vast expanse of supreme nature
has made its point
that I am a nobody
a mere speck
not visible to any naked eye
is what I am
it feels not small nor big
just nothing
strangely relaxing
there are no standards
not that I cared
ever here
still it drove home
a point
that I am embroiled
in a giant wheel
of humdrum
of expectations
or doing things
that may not be done
and here I was
of success
of proving many points
futile thoughts
I need such forays
now n then
to keep me rooted
just sharing and thinking aloud...... :              )