Tuesday 13 August 2013

it is time...

time to ponder
to reminiscence
time to mull
over the years

time to spread
wings full fledged
time to touch
far n yonder

time is what
i have less of..


Thursday 8 August 2013


It is strength for nothing
the flow is vitalising
the resolve is amazing
still it is incognito
weakness of mind
criminal in thought
a nondescriptive action
a whodunit of feeling
the power that it rakes
to take with the flow
a myriad of hues
of wants or of desires
not the weakness
of strength
neither the force of wane
it is something special
the acceptance of self
a possibiity of act
the effervescence of thought
the shadow of fact
so be it
the way it is
a strength or a weakness
till it stays