Friday, 28 March 2014

Days months years

Days months years
Have befriended me
Never realised time would garnish
My thoughts opinions or wants
Or I would get the power
To live life as I wanted
To chose the paths I tread
Or to do as I pleased
Seasons have smoothened
Rough edges
Thermodynamics of a different kind
To make me least resistant
To winds of the world
Society or norms
When and how did it happen
To the girl that I was
Gawky and in awe
Of everyone that I came across
Where and what was gained
What treasures did I stumble across
Who taught me
Who understood me
Who accepted...
Where and when. ..
I shall leave
All these questions aside
They don't matter
Not anymore
Happy is not the world
I am at peace
With myself
With whatsoever I have come to be

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Take some steps

take some steps together
shall we

to explore the mysteries

to test some expectations
of life

some answers to be looked for
the questions that arise

scratch the surfaces
covered with time

walk with me..some steps together...

Friday, 14 March 2014


You have a day
Like one as this
To get the greetings
Of ''happiness forever''
I too accept'em
The generosity 
Of the giver
How to express
I need not
Just a single day
All days are mine
You are mine
Very much so

I've the privilege
To make you
Or not make you
You are even made
You cant want
You are not
Allowed to want
A son only
You have to want
A daughter too
After all
What are you
There is no you
Without me

Rejoice in me
With me
Not for me
On this women's day
For I want not
Just a day
I want a life instead