Monday 25 November 2013

26.11. Revisted

A jab on the side
Defaced and dazed
Shook out of slumber
Of routine and years
those were being
Spent like any other

Of lives lost
Taken away
Some given up too
Saving others
Breaths bleeding
Evening stretched
Night endless
Of crack shots
Of smoke n fire

Humanity hurt forever
A senseless dare
Is there an alternative
To decision of death
To take a life
Or to give up one's
Scars remain
Will always remain

Of being shaken
Out of that stupor
No matter what
Vulnerability remains
Questions remain
doubts remain
so does anger

Facade restored
Lives continue
Yet a black hole
Sucking the positivity
A nagging reminder
On a day like this
26th of November

Thursday 21 November 2013


as I sit in an empty moment

the hollows of time
engulfing the life
the life line of dreams
gets choked
the naked truth
of absence of a deed
stands before me
the stark reality
of timelessness
of stillness in the air
in an alien place
allows me to rest
another alien action
in itself
the dynamism
keeps me going
so the thought to rest
cripples me
bores me
haunts me
still I lay
trying to gather
an urge to action
in this empty moment
the hollows of time
the stillness.........