Tuesday 22 November 2016

It was a Road trip

It was a Road trip to North East for an extreme cleansing experience. Nature has no ally and it stands in proud magnificence. Many thoughts and revelations...and mine alone.. :)
a vast expanse of supreme nature
has made its point
that I am a nobody
a mere speck
not visible to any naked eye
is what I am
it feels not small nor big
just nothing
strangely relaxing
there are no standards
not that I cared
ever here
still it drove home
a point
that I am embroiled
in a giant wheel
of humdrum
of expectations
or doing things
that may not be done
and here I was
of success
of proving many points
futile thoughts
I need such forays
now n then
to keep me rooted
just sharing and thinking aloud...... :              )

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Minutes hours days...

Minutes hours days
Weeks and months 
Have all squeezed
Into an year
That will be a thing of history
Of my life and yours
I smile as I think
Of a new day
The beauty of marking
Our time on this earth
Is we can let one go
And wait for another
With open heart
And joy in eyes
An anticipation
That it shall bring
Another new tiding
With a new Sun
And a brand new day
Of positivity
In more new ways
Many hours and days
Weeks and months
Of a

smile emoticon

Friday 9 October 2015

The morning today

The morning today
Fresh and nippy
Calls for an indulgence 
Of the second cup of tea
Cloudless blue
Greens glowing in sun
That moves away
Distancing now a days
As the weather turns
Evening and nights
Hogging some more time
Than their share in summers
Looking ahead for more
Cool mornings
And more bluer skies.....


Thursday 27 August 2015


Are so selective
They are painted better
Than realities
Always bringing me smiles
But then I was always
A die hard romantic
Always weeding out
And looking straight ahead
With Hope and light in my eyes
Smiling some more :) 


Tuesday 21 July 2015


Gazed rain today
Falling in torrents
Or drizzling a few times
Soaked my gaze
And the soul
Drenched to skin
With wetness of air
Words are moist too
Flowing out 
Blame the rain
If they stick to you 

Tuesday 30 June 2015

It shouldn't be

It shouldn't be difficult to smile
But thoughts overide it
It shouldn't be difficult to care
But time captures us
It shouldn't be difficult to love
But fears enchain us
It shouldn't be difficult to enjoy life
But expectations divert us
It shouldn't be difficult to let go
But sense of loss holds on to it
Smile care love enjoy life and let go..
Feel the freedom of the skies

Thursday 26 February 2015

I stopped thinking

I stopped thinking
long ago
and free minded
I stopped judging
ages ago
all that came my way
I stopped bothering
anyone and everyone
whatever I want
so I started growing
by leaps and bounds
of any shackles
of limits

of dogmas
of norms