Thursday 12 December 2013

Defining success...

How does one measure their success? 

Is it the feedback? 
Or is it the financial growth? 
Is it the number of people visiting you? 
Is it when you see the sweet change you wanted to see in your clients??? 
Or is it when your competitors pay you a visit without disclosing themselves? 
Or when your styles are getting copied?? 
When you become a determinating factor for other’s statistics?? 

It is strange feeling when you start noticing these changes. One had heard earlier but when it starts happening to you, the time has come when you are making/bringing new trends around you. 
I feel my responsibility has doubled now. Whatever the outcome, one must ensure there’s at least no negativity involved. Also, the art of ignoring the rattling observations should come easily. The journey has actually begun now. It is still a long way, even though destination may entice one like a horizon. The visibility and the proximity of which may make us momentarily happy…

but one has to go on…………. 

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