Monday 2 September 2013

i like it...

I feel it when night is deep n dark
When there’s stillness to it
When the world is almost dead
In sleep
I lie without a stir
Of thoughts or an action
When I am just ‘me’
Not a hang or an expectation
From the souls around or from me
It is the best

I like it when the sun has not come up
When it is just a rustle
When the birds have just begun
To chirp
When I stretch and reach out
For a whiff
Of the air that’s still cool
When my mind is fresh
The morn is new
 It is the best

I love it when I touch
When the dew is still so fresh
When it might just disappear
If disturbed
I just let it be
To stay on till it can
When the heat is not yet on
The nature is so wet
The birth of another day
It is the best

I love that time of the sun going down
In hues and in colors
When it is scorching no more
As amber
Allowing the world to lean
After a breathless day
To pause and to breathe
To rejuvenate for another new

I love that it gives rest

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